How to Choose the Best Web Hosting

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting

There are many web hosting in Web but we all know that in everything, there are people who stand out to be the best.

Same thing happens on the internet. We all want the best for ourselves and how to move our business forward online.

Best Web Hosting is here to help you understand many things concerning web hosting, how it works, what it is, what you can do with it.

Today. We want to help you choose the best web hosting in Web. It’s normally a hard decision and a hard task for some people to choose the best web hosting, not because they aren’t professionals but due to one reason or the other.

When choosing a web hosting plan, There are many things to consider, we consider many things like.

  • Server Speed.
  • Price
  • Uptime.
  • Storage.
  • Bandwidth.
  • Location.
  • Features.
  • Support

But that’s by the way, within this post, you will be able to understand most of them all, the one that should be your utmost priority.

A web Hosting Server or Data Center.

Before we can go to explaining what and what is to be expected in a web hosting package, we have to, first of all, explain to you the type of web hosting that exist, the features they come with and what you can get from it.

Let me not waste much of your time and go straight to the point

For you to understand things very well, I will be taking my time to explain it one by one in this post.

What is a Web Hosting?

Web HostingDaniel John | Best Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting

A Web Hosting is a Web Service that allows an individual, firm or company to make their contents accessible on the internet.

You have a product or contents or files that you want the world to see, you have anything to showcase to the world?, Web Hosting Services give gives you the opportunity to make it available to the world through the internet.

Service title
A web Hosting Server or Data Center.

A web hosting server is a high-end computer that is connected to a network which Stores your data or contents or files for accessibility.

They are storages that store your contents and makes it accessible through a Domain Name.

Domain Name. Domain Name.

Domain NamesDaniel John | Best Web Hosting

Domain Names

You can store anything on the internet but no one will know about it except people who have root access same as you to the hosting where you stored your contents and files.

A domain name is an address that tells the world or the people how to access your contents. If you don’t have a domain name which serves as an address to the contents you stored online, no one will have access to it.

A domain name serves like a house address, you can build a house, live in it and no one will know till you tell someone about it, and telling someone about it, you will need to give the person address to your house, the address is what directs the person to your house, same thing happens in web hosting, you will need to have domain name which serves as an address to the people you want to access your website.

I believe that by now, you must understand a little bit about what web hosting is all about and how you can make use of it.

What is a Web Hosting?

This is where things get little more seriously because it’s one of the most confusing parts of the web hosting services.

We have

  1. Shared Hosting.
  2. WordPress hosting.
  3. Cloud Hosting.
  4. Dedicated Hosting.
  5. VPS Hosting.
  6. Website Builders

Shared Hosting.

A shared hosting is a type of Hosting where two or more people manage one server. It is the most common type of web hosting on the internet.

On this type of Web Hosting, one web Hosting server is being shared to some amount of people. You don’t have to pay for a whole server but you pay lesser and will be given a portion of the server.

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting.

  • It’s very cheap.

You pay lesser for a shared hosting.
Like we said before, shared hosting is shared between users, you don’t have to pay much to start. You pay less.

  • It is affordable to start with.

We all know what it cost to get your business online. People who have small start-up can go for shared web hosting. Sites that receive less traffic can go for shared hosting and someone who has less buck can start with a shared web hosting.

  • It is very easy to set up.

Shared Hosting is completely managed and maintained by the web hosting company that is offering it, you don’t need to have much knowledge about CPU usage and the rest of them before you can be using Shared Web Hosting.

The disadvantages of Shared Hosting

We all know that what have advantages also have disadvantages.
These are some for a shared web Hosting.

  • Slow server.

Some Web Hosting doesn’t map out a specific server usage for a shared web Hosting user instead everybody in the server share server according to its usage, while some do. This can slower a site when another site is on a high server usage.
What do you think will happen if you and CNN us sharing the same server, do you think your site will even be up?. This is what happens with a shared web hosting. It can slow your site down.

Should I go for a shared web hosting?.

It is highly recommended if you are a new business startup and have fewer funds with you.
It is also advisable if your site receives less traffic. Using a shared web hosting will help you to pay less while you monitor the growth of your business.

  • Support varieties of web applications.

Another good thing about shared web hosting is that it support slot of web applications like WordPress, Drupal, PHP scripts and many more.
It is not like WordPress Hosting where only one web applications are supported which means, no matter the kind of web applications or business you want to do online, it will be supported.

WordPress Hosting.

Wordpress HostingDaniel John | Best Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting also called Managed WordPress hosting is a type of Web hosting where a site is only a WordPress site. It is a type of Web Hosting that has only the WordPress Content in mind. Its servers and configuration are specifically designed for WordPress content. WordPress Hosting is like a dedicated Hosting, it for and only for the site that it was built for. The whole files and content in it are highly optimized for best WordPress performance.

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Benefits of a Managed WordPress Hosting.

  • Maximum Support.

Going for a managed WordPress Hosting gives you the chance of having a maximum support you can get on the internet for your website. Though it depends on the Customers service of your web host, because its masked out to be different from others, a maximum support is been offered to ensure you get the best out of the service.

  • Uptime.

Managed WordPress Hosting is sometimes considered as dedicated Web Hosting due to it Scalability and Uptime.

  • Auto Updates.

Most of the WordPress hosting comes with Automatic updates for its plugins and the themes.Just the hosting, you can get most plugin updates free of charge while using the paid version of the hosting.

  • Fast Site Load and Performance.

You can never compare a shared Web Hosting with a managed WordPress Hosting. A Managed WordPress Hosting is highly optimized for best and fast performance. All the files and plugin are highly optimised to suit the server and scalability of the server.

It usually comes with the latest software and script like the latest MySQL database, PHP Script and with the fastest caching plugin optimised for the Site.

Disadvantage of Managed WordPress Hosting.

The main disadvantage of a Managed WordPress Hosting is the cost of using it. Like we said before, it is sometimes calculated as a Dedicated Server type of a Web Hosting. Its price is most times very expensive but it worth it anyway.

Another disadvantage of a Managed WordPress Hosting is its root accessibility. It is not like the Shared Web Hosting that normally comes with a file manager and its user have access to it root file, No, you are stuck with your WordPress dashboard.

If you are the type who use to upload thing to your root folder or you run a firm who requires you to be uploading files through your root folder, this won’t the best option for you. Remember that we said that managed WordPress Hosting is optimised to give the performance for it user, the won’t allow you to go through the root folder and scatter things for them.

Cloud Hosting.

Cloud HostingDaniel John | Best Web Hosting

Cloud Hosting

When we say cloud hosting, We talked about Hosting a website or One website or different server thereby making the website extremely fast and reduces any chance of facing downtime.

It is a pay per resources type of Web Hosting and is Highly for a big website that manages and uses huge resources on daily basis. We can also say that its a scenario where many servers exist to deliver the best Service for it client. It is auto-switched to the best performing server at every point in time to ensure 100% uptime.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated ServerDaniel John | Best Web Hosting

Dedicated Server

Coming after the Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server or a Dedicated Hosting is a type of Web Hosting where a site is attached to a particular site for absolute performance and uptime.

Like it sounds, you are entitled to your own property, you are not sharing it with anybody, it all yours. It is considered the best choice for bigger companies website that consumes a lot of traffic, you are giving your own portion of the server, you are entitled to your own performance and scalability. You might not even experience a downtime at all unless your server goes down maybe due to a maintenance issue.


Dedicated Server is mainly for sites that run a lot of script on their website. It is highly recommended for an E-commerce website. A website which generates about 20 Thousand Pageviews a day won’t be in need of a Dedicated Server. It is mainly for sites that generate from 300K page views and up that will be in need of Dedicated Hosting.

And also, you will be giving a dedicated IP for your website, in shared hosting, you share the same IP with many customers that are your neighbor but it is not same in Dedicated Hosting as everything is dedicated to you. A bad coding or high running script from another site can never slow you down.

VPS Hosting

VPS HostingDaniel John | Best Web Hosting

VPS Hosting

When we talk about VPS Type of Web Hosting, We talk about Virtual Private Network and everything about a virtual private server is been Managed by the customer.

A VPS Hosting gives you the chance to be fully independent of your website, you have full access to your core files, everything in your server is been managed by you and you alone but you can also get a technical support from your hosting.

A VPS Hosting is mainly for a site that generates high traffic and not for a site with low traffic or visitors per month, you may decide going for Shared Hosting.

Website Builders

Website BuilderDaniel John | Best Web Hosting

Website Builder

A website builder is totally different from all the above-listed type of web hosting.

It involves the use of website designing and customization template for you to be able to set up a website through website builder. A website Builder is meant for people who don’t know much about coding or programming.

There are many tools available at your disposal in website Builder, all you have to do is to select the tool you want to use while designing the website.

But there are cons and pros of using a website builder instead of going for other types of web hosting.

Some of it is, you are not bound to know much about coding, the tools are already there waiting for you to use them, all you have to do is to start picking what you want.

Most of the tools there are Drag and Drop which makes it easier when using the Website Builder tool.

But the other side of it is that you can not use the Website builder to design or build up an E-commerce Website, same thing with a CMS Website where content is being uploaded on a daily basis. it is mainly for a Static website whose content is not changed time without number.

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting


We have finished talking about the type of Web Hosting on the internet and now, we want to put you through on what you should be checking while looking for the best web hosting to buy. When looking for a web hosting that you can start your business online with, some of the things we are going to list, you should be cautious of them so that you won’t have anything to complain or regret or put the blame on anybody.

Server Speed.

The reason why I made Server Speed my first option is that it increases and enhances the user experience of any website. When buying a Web Hosting, you should consider server speed as one of your utmost priority.A Web Hosting with a slow server speed makes a site to slow down while trying to open a page in any website and this is going to drive your visitors away because you are wasting their time and it will also drastically decrease your website visibility in Google Search results.

It is one of the reasons why Google invented the AMP( Accelerated Mobile page which enables Google to Cache some part of your website and displays it in a lighter way. So you that Server speed is very important while choosing a Web Hosting that will your site for you.


This is one of the major things to consider when buying a web hosting plan. Some Web Hosting on the internet is very very costly to afford. most of them might be too expensive to suit your type of business.

But sometimes, we know that cheap things can be crappy sometime and we don’t want you to experience that at all. But that is not even the main thing, the major thing you should look into when it comes to price is the renewal price.

Renewal price most especially in Hosting Plans like Shared Hosting Plan are mostly unbearable. You might be thinking that before the renewal, you are going to shift to another registrar or change your hosting plan but the truth is that sometimes, it is not that easy.

Web hosting Uptime.

We might be calling other features one of the most important things to look after but if you ever own a website and have faced a downtime before, you will understand what we are trying to say here.

Downtime of a website can be very frustrating and annoying to the highest order. When a downtime happens to a website, even the admins of that website won’t even have access to their dashboard until the server working on the website is fully back again.

This is why when choosing a web hosting, one should be very careful when choosing a web hosting of his or her choice. You are recommended to check the web Hosting company reviews through some review websites like Trust Pilot, Host Advice and Others that will give you an unbiased review concerning a website. Downtime is one of the things you should fear most in a web hosting company.

Downtime of a website can make it not to appear in Google search engine because when Google bot visits it, it won’t be available for Google to Indexed.

Choosing a good web hosting will guaranty a good Uptime for your website. It will always make sure that your site is online and ready to be accessed.


This won’t a priority if your site is not a Media Content Website. Most Hosting Plans that are cheap might come with a lesser Storage space while some come with enough or Unlimited Storage for their Hosting Plans.

You should consider space if you are going to create a website like a Music, Video, Live Streaming and other content storage kinds of a website in which you will be the one to be hosting the contents you will share on your website.

Someone who wants to create a blog or website for a company should not mind because it is mainly the landing page that is needed and very few pages.


The most web hosting company do limit Bandwidth when it to some major Hosting plan, the more bandwidth attached to a Hosting Plan, the more its price goes up. But Bandwidth really matters if your website is generating enough visitors.

There is some Web Hosting that offers unlimited Bandwidth, you may decide to go for those ones but remember to check the renewal prices, it might be too expensive for your budget.


If you have been into web Hosting stuff or you have had an idea concerning web Hosting, you will see that there are performance differences when it comes to server locations of a Web Hosting Company.

Like on Namecheap Hosting, Their USA Datacenter is Free but their UK is not but a paid feature if you wanted to go for it.

In my own understanding, it means a location can also matter when choosing a web hosting of your choice, you may consider searching for the web host fastest servers, it will help boost your site friendliness.



A bad hosting with a good support can always win you back. This is one of the most important things you should consider while going for a web hosting plan. The reason why I quoted the word above is, there are hosting companies whose their performance is not something to write home about but they have a good web hosting support. But there are ones that have both Good Web Hosting Plans and a very nice Hosting Support. My credit goes to Namecheap and Siteground.

If you get a good web hosting and a very good support, you will love everything about your website.

The last but not the least in this post is the Features.


All hosting plan comes with a feature that makes it either expensive or cheap. Sometimes, features might not be the reason why it’s expensive but most times, it contributes.

When we talk about the Features, we talk about

Storage, an add-on like Cloudflare, ruby gens, Sitelock, varnish, and many other features that comes with a web hosting plan.

All the features we mentioned above help makes a site more secure, faster, increase site loading speed.

You will need to know about all that and know what they are been used for and how it can make your site better.

I won’t like going more further in explaining them one after the other because I know the post is very long. If you wish to know more about the features, we can use the comments form.


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