How To Decrease Alexa Rank Quickly

How To Decrease Alexa Rank Quickly

Hello all and welcome to the wonderful post. Today, I will be telling you how to decrease your Alexa Rank Quickly with speed.

I know you might be thinking it should be increased but I don’t think it should be going up, instead, Alexa Rank is expecting to be going down. If yours is going up, then you are in big problem. You got me.

That’s by the way. Today, I will put you through what you might have to know about Alexa Rank and what you wish you must have known.

Alexa Rank is one of the killer swords of many bloggers and when you are gutted by the sword, you are dead.

Before I go through telling you how to decrease Alexa Rank for this year 2018. I will like to tell you why some people work their ass to get this decreased.

First of All.

What is Alexa Rank?.

That’s a good question that needs the right answer but before I answer you that, I believe you have to know about a little bit what Alexa Rank is but wishes to know more.

Alexa Rank is a total calculation of sites traffic in a completion of three months from the users of Alexa Toolbar. The page views and traffic rank is calculated from the amount of usage from users of Alexa Toolbar that visited your site.

The above statement might sound confusing and incorrect to you but that is how Alexa calculate and rank a website.

Ls assume that in three months, none of the people that visited your website have Alexa Toolbar, then, your ranking might be very poor.

Why do we care about Alexa Rank?.

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Oh My Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is a stepping stone for many people. Most people bother about Alexa Rank to their site earning or other things related to their site. Most times, the reasons are best known to them. But we have ours too and what we think you might be thinking.

  • Gives Blogging Morale.

Even though it adds nothing to your pocket, Alexa Rank boost any site owners morale. From our definition above, when your site is decreasing, it means you got users coming to your site. Because, if no one is coming to your site, then your Alexa Rank won’t be decreasing.

Most of us that get excited when we see our Alexa Rank decreasing, we all know the joy, we want it to go lower. We like it hanging up there doing nothing. Come on dull, stopping acting like!e a snail, go down little faster.

  • Website Worth.

When it comes to website Worth, many people are not bothered by site visibility or what the site is putting in someone’s pocket, all their care about is Alexa Rank. When it comes to selling your site, or you are someone who deals on buying and selling of website and blogs, you will know that site with lower Alexa Rank gets the lower is and site with higher Alexa Rank gets the higher one. People so much cherish Alexa Rank more than anything else when it comes to website Worth.

  • Website Traffic Rank.

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We all know that once your Alexa Rank is high, then there are likely that your site is not having that traffic it supposes to have. It might be having but when your visitors or bidders see your Alexa Rank, oh no, am not going for this one, I don’t think people know about it. You will see then that most people calculate a sites traffic rank by its Alexa Rank and that’s what it was meant to be.

  • Bloggers role model.

Wow, I love this site, it doesn’t end with the design of the site mad look. Even a site that has high Alexa Rank is concluded to be a bad site with something bad hidden about the site. Believe me, no matter how good your site looks and your Alexa Rank is very high, damn it, bloggers will run away from your site.

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A site with low Alexa Rank is always every blogger’s role model. Wow, I wish my site is popular just like this site, OMG, am going to work on my site to be like this. Well, we are about to help you achieve that today.

Decrease Alexa RankDaniel John | Best Web Hosting

Alexa Rank

How To Decrease Alexa Rank Quickly.

You have read the whole story up here and wish to make that dream come true, follow the steps below.

  • Get Alexa Rank Toolbar.

I don’t think you need to think twice when it comes to this, because this is the mother ship, once you are in it, you are good to go.

If you can remember what our definition is up there, then you can remember is all about the tool. It is the Mastermind behind Alexa Ranking. If you can be one of the people that Alexa collects its metrics from, then you are very good to go.

Having Alexa Rank Toolbar decreased your Alexa Rank by 30%. Yeah, as the owner of a site, most times, you spend 30mins to 3hours on your site. Check it out, you will see a rapid decrease in your sites Alexa Rank and that’s how the whole stuff gets better.

This will tell you why the most site with many authors get a higher ranking because let’s assume that three are 5 authors on that site, then those 5 authors have Alexa Rank Toolbar opened in the third system, what do you think is gonna happen. Give it a try and tell us what happens.

  • Claim your site on Alexa.

I remember when I was small and we’re p!saying with Alexa, the first thing we do then is to claim our site on Alexa. It feels very good that you were listed as the site owners on Alexa website. Then you have the opportunity to write site description and owner details. But now, it’s no longer free but paid. But I can remember then it helps in decreasing Alexa Rank because verification helps in authentication. Alexa decreases verified site more that unverified one, it helps give the daily report on site traffic, many good follows Alexa site verification. If you go to, you will even an option telling you that if you want to get better metrics, claim your site. So what are you waiting for? You can use the free trial to do That.

  • Building Alexa Backlink.

This might sound little confusing but I know you will understand better than me when it comes to Alexa Backlink. Sometimes, you wonder why is it that when it comes to site linking, Alexa count is different from other tool counts. The answer is simple, Alexa has it own not that crawls Backlink for their own metrics and aggregates.

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Because it will help you in ranking, Alexa doesn’t like displaying all of them, they display only five and tell you to subscribe to get them. But you can get as much as you want by checking the Alexa Rank of many websites and make use the visible five. Doing that, you will get many Alexa Backlink and will rank higher.

  • Publishing New Content.

It’s a simple maths, if I have Alexa Rank Toolbar on my PC and am a fan of your site when you stop posting, I will stop coming. But when I always see new content on your site, I will always come and be doing that will help in Decreasing Alexa Rank for your site.

Writing regularly for bloggers is one of best working trick you can apply and see how your Alexa Rank will drastically decrease.

  • Traffic exchange.

Well, this might sound unfamiliar to your but this method can help decrease your Alexa Rank drastically. Just like we said in the option before thus, where we talked about Publishing new content, publishing New Content drives you, visitors, the same thing applies to getting those visitors from a third party. There are sites which exchange visitors for a token. The token might be, visiting sites in the exchange of users visiting yours too. You see, you can make yourself useful by using those times you are spending surfing the net to also get visitors for free from other sites. You can research to get the sites that can offer you that. My little recommendation is

Thank you and I hope this works well for you.


Decrease Alexa Rank
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