Do I Need To Build Backlinks For My Site?

Do I Need To Build Backlinks For My Site?.

This a question most bloggers ask themselves while building up a blog or website. Well,  We are going to help you understand what backlink and if it’s needed for a blog or website.

Backlink like the name implies is a recommendation of other sites about your site.


You know what happens in a real life when you are looking for a job. A person with connection or job recommendations is likely to get the job before you. That is people that recommended the person is higher than people that recommended you. Then, it means that person is likely of getting the job before you.

You can use this to define about backlink and how it works.

A site that got a backlink from TechCrunch is like to appear than a site that got a backlink from my site. Because TechCrunch ranks higher than this site.

Let us discuss the type of Backlink.

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Backlink Building

Types of Backlink.

There are two different types of Backlink.

Dofollow and

Nofollow Backlink.

Dofollow Backlink.

Dofollow Backlink is a type of Backlinks that allows a search engine to fetch, crawl it and view it contents. A Dofollow Backlinks is always good when it comes to SEO. Just like we explained above concerning what SEO is, Dofollow is like a guaranteed Recommendation from other sites.

And this is the type of Backlinks that Search Engines make use of. They index them and crawl it. If you are building Backlink, it’s always better to be building Dofollow Backlink because it will make a site rank higher.


NoFollow Backlink.

NoFollow Backlink is another type of Backlink building but search engines don’t crawl this type of Backlinks.  They are always good if there is some part is if your site that you don’t want Google to crawl or index. Not just Google but all Search Engines. Sometimes, people ask if there is a reason for building a NoFollow Backlink but there is a good benefit of it. It can help drive traffic to your site.

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Any site or blog or web page that exists on the internet needs a Backlink just like we humans need water to survive. They are the reason why we are alive. The same thing applies to Backlink. If you remove a Backlink program from the website, then it becomes almost invisible, because you are going to be alone. No one is talking about you.and when no one is talking about you. Then you are alone.

If you remember what we said above, that Backlink serves as a recommendation from another site about your site. So when you have less recommendation, then you will have less search engine visibility.


How to Build Backlink for my site?

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This is a question people have asked and are still asking, both SEO experts and none SEO experts.

I myself is even asking this question and am also still looking for a way to Build Backlink for my site because, when it comes to SEO, there is nothing like enough Backlink and nothing like enough SEO.

We continue working and improving on our SEO and never gets tired of it.

Because Backlink is one of the core success of a successful website or blog.

Today, I will be giving you a hint on how you can build Backlink for your site.

Guest Blogging.

Guest Blogging is one of the hardest parts of getting Backlink but one of the safest way. There are many other ways you can get Backlink but they can cause harm to your site.

Guest Blogging implies writing a blog post for another site which is higher than your site. Not only that but also sites that in the same niche with your own.

It is not always advisable to be writing guest post because of Backlinks but it can help also drive big traffic to your site.

When writing guest post, you can make good use of anchor text to link the relevant content of your site but it should not be more than one or two.

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Using too much of that will indicate that you are writing the post for Backlink purpose.

Forums and Community.

Joining forums and Communities can help you build a better Backlink for your site. It can be a very good alternative for Backlink building if you cannot do a guest Blogging. You can search for relevant forums and Communities that are related to your niche and join.

Forums do not only drive Backlink to your site but it’s another simple way you can drive a very big traffic to your site. There are many forums and Communities out there for many websites and you can join them and get slot of Backlinks.

Site linking.

This is one of the free tricks you can get a Backlink but this option takes time before it can manifest on your site. When writing a post for your site, linking another site that is related to you can make the site to return the favor when they notice or when you drive traffic to them.

I have experienced such when one of my blog linked to one popular technology site. They followed me on Twitter, returned the favor and I got Backlink from theirs too and traffic also. Doing such can gain you a big partnership with a site and can drive unlimited traffic and Backlink to your site.

Blog commenting.

This is also a good option for getting Backlink from another blog of the same niche with yours.  This is one of the fastest and easiest ways you can get and build backlink for your site. It can also help build a relationship between you and a website or blog.

Though most of the backlinks gotten from blog commenting are no follow backlinks but it can still very useful for your site. You should not comment in a spammy way. We all know when comments become spammy. Spamming on a website can cause harm to your website too.


Do I Need To Build Backlinks For My Site?
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